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Teenage Adolescent Advisory Group (TAG) 2018-2022 - Interfer

Teenage Adolescent Advisory Group (TAG) 2018-2022

Project - 2018-2022

Teenage Adolescent Advisory Group (TAG) 2018-2022

Interfer collaborated with the University of Cape Town’s Centre for Social Science Research department. We worked with this department to re-develop their research approach to be more participatory and reflective of young peoples’ interests and needs.

Initially, we worked as co-facilitators to inform the design approach. Due to the pandemic, we developed a Facebook based research approach in which young people interacted with videos, visual prompts and storytelling to capture their experiences of the pandemic in a closed Facebook Group.
To add a playful element, aligned with Afrofuturism’s imagining of a different world, and to create conceptual distance to allow participants to engage more freely, a science fiction scenario was presented: Kind Aliens have come to Earth and want to know what young people are experiencing with COVID-19 so they can help. As Earth’s ambassadors, let’s fill up this time capsule to give to these Aliens!

Funded by: UKRI, GCRF, Social Sciences and Humanities Council of Canada

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