What is Interfer?

INTERFER Is An And Arts-Based Collaborative Social Enterprise That Strives To Positively Co-Disrupt Systems Of Exclusion And Hegemony Through Innovative Arts, Research, Engagement And Other Programmes In Collab With Other Professionals, People And Artists.

Our Super Power

Our Work Is Focused On Inclusive/Participatory Street Art And Other Arts-Based Methods, Participatory Workshops, Research And Programmes With The Aim Of Amplifying Voices And Transformation. Our Approach Is Grounded In Participation, Social Innovation And Building Intersectoral, Multidisciplinary Meaningful And Impactful Relationships


Chrysler Design Award

Gerrit Noordzij Prize

IED Design Awards

Hire Us

Write us a message, grab a coffee and let's talk about your project. We love new challenge since we born. See you inside!